Use/Service Agreement

  1. I certify that I possess the legal right and ability to agree to the terms and conditions of this Use/Service Agreement and agree that the terms included in the "Enrollment Acknowledgement" also apply. In addition, I understand that if I am the survivor's representative ("proxy") that when my legal authority to act on behalf of the survivor changes, I must notify the Help Desk at
  2. I acknowledge that when I activated my user account I was given "multifactor authentication" options to help prevent unauthorized access to the medical and other confidential information available via the PFC survivor website. I understand that it is my responsibility not to share my authentication method/information with another person, and agree that Baylor College of Medicine ("BCM") shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or claims of any kind resulting from such disclosure to/use by another person.
  3. I understand that the information provided for childhood cancer survivors is intended for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to replace independent clinical judgment, medical advice, or to exclude other criteria for screening, counseling, or intervention for specific complications of childhood cancer treatment. Refer to Legal Notice: Passport for Care® Application Disclaimer and Notice of Proprietary Rights.
  4. I understand that the cancer treatment record is a summary and does not reflect the complete contents of my medical record (or the medical record of my child/ward if applicable) and that I should contact the appropriate healthcare provider if I have any questions or concerns. I also understand that if my cancer treatment history (or the cancer treatment history of my child/ward if applicable) has changed, for example, due to treatment for recurrence of the primary cancer or development/treatment for another type of cancer, the treatment record needs to be reviewed and updated if required and that I should contact the Helpdesk at regarding this matter.
  5. I understand that links to selected websites owned/operated by other entities/persons may be provided as a convenience, but that BCM does not warrant or represent the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any information (content) contained on these sites. I also understand that BCM is not responsible for the privacy policies and/or practices of third-party sites and that my use is subject to the terms and conditions of the owner/operator of the site.
  6. I understand and agree that my access to and use of the PFC survivor website may be monitored and audited, and, in the event that I violate the terms of this Use/Service Agreement, my access may be suspended or revoked, depending on the circumstances.
  7. I understand that the PFC survivor website may not be available at all times due to backup procedures, routine maintenance, system failure, or other causes, including those beyond BCM's control. I also understand that access is provided on an "as-is, as-available" basis and that BCM does not guarantee that I will be able to access the PFC survivor website at any particular time.
  8. I understand that BCM reserves the right at any time to discontinue, temporarily or permanently, access to the PFC survivor website, with or without notice.
  9. I represent that I have read the Privacy Policy and that by using the PFC survivor website, I consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of information as described in this Use/Service Agreement and in the Privacy Policy.
  10. I understand that BCM reserves the right to amend its policies without prior notice and that it is my responsibility to review the policies periodically and stay informed of any changes.
Last updated: November 2014