Cancer. You survived. And now you've got a lot of life to live. Take care of yourself.

Passport for Care.

Long-term follow-up care recommendations for survivors of childhood cancer.

What is Passport for Care?

Passport for Care is a summary of your cancer treatment history, individualized follow-up recommendations for screening potential late effects, educational materials, and a notebook to create and store information.

Would you like to use the PFC?

If so, your cancer treatment information has to be entered and you need an access code. Please contact for assistance.

Treatment Summary

Your treatment summary is your cancer treatment history. This summary is used to generate your long-term follow-up care plan.

Follow-Up Care Plan

Recommendations for screening of late effects that may potentially arise as a result of the cancer treatment that you received as a child.

Your Notes

Create notes to remember details related to your treatment history or to remind you of things you'd like to bring up with your doctor.

User's Guide. To ensure you get the most out of Passport for Care, we have created a User's Guide video.

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