Welcome to the Passport for Care! Even more importantly, Welcome to Survivorship!

The Passport for Care is a free online resource that can provide childhood cancer survivors access to a comprehensive treatment summary, potential late effects of therapy, educational pages on survivorship issues, and a tailored and comprehensive long-term follow up care plan based on the Children’s Oncology Group recommendations, which you can be share with health care providers.

We also offer links to a variety of:

Transitioning to Survivorship

We know that the transition to Survivorship is a happy time but could also be a little bit challenging in perhaps not knowing what to expect. Most survivors transition to “survivorship” care about 2 years out from years from the completion of therapy. That way, any acute side effects of treatment will have settled and you and your health care provider can keep a look out for potential late effects of treatment.

The goal of long-term follow-up care is to ensure that former childhood cancer patients continue to lead healthy, fulfilling lives and that they receive the support necessary to achieve their goals. All survivors of childhood cancer should have ongoing, regular medical care. This is called “survivorship care.” The frequency of these visits depends on how long it has been since the survivor completed treatment, the specific treatments the survivor received, and any complications that resulted from treatment.

Because survivors can be at risk late effects of cancer therapy, the Passport can help you learn about those issues and how you and your health care provider can manage them. Our site can give you a list of potential late effects based on specific treatments, tailored Survivorship care recommendations that tell your health care provider how to provide you with the best possible care, as well as educational pages for you and your doctor. These resources are available on our secure site and you can open them on your phone, tablet, or computer, or print them, but either way, you are encouraged to share with any health care providers you may see.

We offer 2 different ways to use the Passport for Care Survivor website:

(1) Survivorship Care Recommendations Generator (new!)

This is a new feature that enables any Survivor or Health care provider to independently enter any treatment received (no need to enter any identifying information) and generate a list of potential late effects and an accompanying follow up care plan, as well as educational pages for each late effect — so anyone can immediately get access to vital care information. Please understand that to get a complete picture you will need to have access to your complete list of treatments. Click here to use the generator.


If you have used the Survivorship care recommendations generator and would like the opportunity to have your complete treatment summary entered for retrieval from the Passport any time or have any questions, no problem, please click here for assistance or help.

Health Care Providers

You can enter any cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery) and see the potential late effects and what to do to manage them. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, click here for help.

(2) Your Treatment Center

Has your treatment summary been entered by your treatment center and you have been issued an access code? Click here to enter your code.

Our Passport for Care navigator can help get your information entered even if you are no longer followed by your treatment center, please email for help.

Long-term follow-up care is just as important as the cancer treatment itself. Late effects from cancer treatment may appear early after treatment ends or a very long time—even decades—after treatment is complete. Access to survivorship care recommendations can help guide survivors and their health care providers so they are aware of potential late effects and can manage any concerns that may arise.

The Passport for Care wishes you the very best Survivorship journey, please let us know how we can help.